My Failed Fascination with Ink Pens…

Vijay Krishna Palepu
2 min readNov 1, 2022



One thing I like to do every once in a while is to refill my fountain ink pens with different colors and write some crap.

The problem of course is that this remains a fleeting fascination and after I am done with my burst of writing (on paper), the pens go dry.

After some introspection it seems like there are two problems that keep the pens dry: I need time, and I need things to write.

I need time for a couple of things: to sit at some regular time and write. To clean the pens. To read what I have been writing in the past (that usually sparks ideas on what to write next).

I need things to write, which is somewhat a time problem, given that ideas come when I sit and think for a while. After all, once I write/blog on the internet (like with this post) what do I write about in my personal space.

Not that I am getting a whole bunch of readers here (thank you everyone who reads 🙂). But this still remains a public channel. What thoughts do I put down on paper that I know will never go beyond the confines of my gaze?

Maybe I practice Hemingway Mode when I write in ink?

Maybe I write a daily diary?

Maybe I maintain a list of topics in pen and paper?

I love real ink spilling on real paper, with my fingers getting dirty in the process.

I just need to do better with getting my hands dirty more often.

— vijay,

#microblogging while my LAMY weeps quietly in the corner.



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