I canceled my Medium.com Subscription …

Vijay Krishna Palepu
1 min readNov 6, 2022

… and it’s sad.

I originally signed up in the hopes of high quality content from a diversity of writers.

At $5/month, I felt like I had the best magazine subscription in the world, when this was first introduced in 2017. And I wanted to support the writers. So I have been happy to fork over the money.

I never really signed up for making money for my own posts. I am not prolific or disciplined enough to make a living out of writing. 😅

But I have had to put a stop to it. And there are a couple of reasons, but the biggest comes down to Medium’s lack of quality in its software craftsmanship.

The quality issues in both the iOS app and website have been too many. Some of the UX issues have been just cringeworthy. And all this app’s product team seems to be content with is to change the structure/navigation of the website.

Let alone the hash of decisions around embedding images in posts, let alone the lackadaisical recommendations in the main feed of the site … Medium has simple software quality issues that need fixing.

And if I am going to keep paying $5/mo, I just expect better.

I will keep writing and keep clapping for writers. And I hope that the quality issues of this app resolve to the point that it helps me justify the subscription fee.

Until then…

— vijay,

#microblogging, while struggling with the post tagging UX in medium.com



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